Some Dos And Don'ts For Packing The Laundry Room

Posted on: 18 January 2022

When it comes time to pack up your home for moving, each room presents its own challenges and opportunities. Nowhere is this more evident than in the laundry room. To help you get this room packed up and perhaps even use it to make other rooms easier, here are a few dos and don'ts. 

Do Throw Out Chemicals

The laundry room often ends up housing a variety of chemicals and liquids for cleaning. Many of these may be considered hazardous by the moving company and can't be packed up. Purge what you can by donating them or giving them to friends. Keep only a small amount for clothes washing up until moving day, and possibly a small amount to bring with you if your trip will be long-distance. 

Don't Pack Anything Wet or Dirty

Laundry room appliances and tools can take a lot of wear and tear in a busy household. So, be sure to empty and clean everything before packing it up. Drain all irons and steamers. Run a cleaning cycle on appliances, then thoroughly dry them by hand or by leaving them open for at least a day. Wipe down tools and small equipment, and bag up any liquids that will be making the trip. 

Do Fill Up the Appliances

Did you realize that the washer and dryer can be great places to pack additional stuff? You might consult your movers, but it's generally okay to fill the interiors with a variety of potentially bulky things such as linens, pillows, stuffed animals, and extra bedding. Be sure to tape the lids closed once they're packed so you get no surprises when moving the appliances. 

Don't Disassemble Everything

Assess the room's additional fixtures to determine what to take and what to leave. While you may be able to disassemble things like racks, shelving, and hooks, make sure it's worth the extra effort. Don't waste time disassembling or removing things that are cheap to replace or may not perfectly fit your new laundry room. 

Do Use Items Elsewhere

Before you pack up the small items in the laundry room, determine if you can use anything as packing aids elsewhere in the home. Linens, towels, bedding, and rags can serve as cushioning packing material inside boxes. Fill laundry hampers with soft goods for the move. Use the ironing board as a hard backing for long, delicate items which can't be boxed. With some creativity, you may find lots of ways to use many common items. 

Where to Start

Want more tips for packing up your laundry room? Start by consulting with experienced local movers. With their expertise and your creative thinking, you'll find this room to be easy to pack and filled with opportunities for double-duty service. 

Contact a local moving service for more information.