A Delivery And Storage Setup To Aid With Your Interior Design Business

Posted on: 26 February 2021

Crated materials that are being shipped may be unable to be delivered to a residence and require the use of a dock. An interior designer delivery service can be used to transport goods to a facility where you have secured a storage area. This will allow shipments to be received during normal business hours and your purchases will be kept onsite until you are going to need them to complete an interior design project.

An Organized Storage Arrangement

Ordering materials that will be used to add a new design theme within a client's home or business may require that you order items from multiple vendors. Carpeting, wall and window coverings, and upholstery can be purchased in bulk, and you may want to coordinate several projects at once by purchasing materials that can be used to complete several interior designer jobs.

Your best sellers or products that need to be carefully preserved will remain organized and clean while they are in storage. Any delivery person who will be driving a truck that contains a lift gate will be able to back up to a dock prior to unloading large wooden crates or cardboard cartons. By having your inventory in an alternate setting, you will have more room inside of your business or home to conduct planning and won't need to handle the materials in advance.

A Storage Area Layout And A Reordering System

If you reserve space within a storage facility that will supply you with plenty of floor room to line up crates and place items in bins or on shelving, decide what type of storage containers will best suit your needs and separate the storage space so that materials can easily be separated. Keep single orders boxed up and make sure that each container is labeled with a client's name or the proposed use of the materials.

If you have a lot of items that sell often and you would like to keep a surplus of specific fabrics on hand, prepare a reordering system. A reordering system will ensure that you always have enough supplies on hand to handle your customer orders.

Use one freight company for all of your delivery needs and use tracking software to keep track of when orders have arrived at the storage facility. For overnight deliveries or special orders that are going to be utilized right away, order materials separately and make plans to go to the storage facility to receive the items when they arrive.

Reach out to a professional who provides interior designer delivery services to learn more.