5 Relocation Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

Posted on: 15 September 2015

If you're anticipating an upcoming move, you're probably excited about starting life in a new community, but you're probably also understandably apprehensive about the moving process. Fortunately, most moving companies are professional and competent, and your move will probably go off without a snag. However, there are several things that you can do to help ensure a hassle-free relocation. Here are just five of them.

Not Beginning the Moving Process as Early as Possible 

Beginning the moving process as early as possible once you are certain relocation is in your near future is an excellent strategy to keeping the move organized, streamlined, and as stress-free as possible. If you've got a lot of things to get rid of before you move, having a series of smaller garage sales in the months and weeks before your scheduled departure date may be more easily managed than holding on gigantic sale a week before you leave.

Also, keep in mind that many organizations that operate nonprofit thrift stores offer free pickup for household items that you want to donate. This can be an excellent way to pare down the contents of your moving van.

Not Packing Their Wine Properly

Many people simply place the bottles of wine they plan on taking with them to their new home in cardboard boxes and place them in the back of the moving van. Although this may be acceptable for short, cross-town moves, wine is a sensitive beverage that can easily be ruined by improper transporting procedures.

You can purchase special boxes designed for moving wine, and keep in mind that the boxes should be placed in the moving van so that the wine is lying on its side. You mover may also have appropriate boxes for moving wine. Also, consider having your wine collection appraised for insurance purposes if you have rare or very expensive bottles in your collection.

Not Crafting a Comprehensive Inventory List

Although creating a thorough, detailed inventory list can seem like just another tedious task when you're preparing for a move, you'll be glad you did when the time comes for the movers to unload your belongs at your new place of residence. With a good inventory list in hand, you'll be able to check off items as they're unloaded from the moving van, which will alert you to any missing items and will be instrumental in the event that it become necessary for you to file a claim.

Not Realizing That Most Movers Won't Move Plants

Many moving companies will not transport potted houseplants and other vegetation, and those that will often require you to provide documentation that allows the plants to cross specific state lines. Taking your plants with you in your car is an option, but this can also be challenging.

Some states, such as California, have many restrictions on what types of vegetation they will allow to be brought across the border. Keep in mind that California border inspectors can and will confiscate plant material that does not meet their extremely stringent guidelines. Fortunately, other states are more lenient, though many do have similar requirements concerning houseplants.

If you're moving to another state, check with their Department of Agriculture for any possible restrictions on plans. You might be better off finding new homes for your houseplants if you're moving to California or another state with strict requirements.

Not Packing a Survival Kit

You should pack a survival kit with essential items in the event that your moving van doesn't arrive in advance of you and other household residents. Contents will vary depending on your individual needs and preferences, but you should have an necessary medication, pet food, toilet paper, a first aid kit, a can opener, and anything else you'd want handy in case you have to wait for the movers.

For more information or assistance, you can always contact local packing services.