Protecting Furniture When Moving

Posted on: 25 November 2019

The weight, value, and size of furniture are some of the things that complicate furniture relocation. Below are some tips you can use to move your furniture with minimal complications.


The first tip is to disassemble the furniture pieces that can be disassembled. Disassembly will;

  • Help lower the effective weight of the furniture pieces
  • Reduce the risk of damage to furniture pieces
  • Reduce the risk of injuries, such as slip and fall injuries, when handling the furniture pieces
  • Help get the pieces of furniture through tight doors and hallways

Label or take pictures of the different parts to help you during the assembly.

Detach Accessories

Even if you can't completely dissemble your furniture, there may be some pieces or accessories you can detach. Things like pillows or cushions, for example, should be removed and transported properly. This will help you protect the accessories since you will be able to pack them adequately. Separate packing also reduces the risk of damage or loss during transportation.

Wrap Up

You also need to wrap your furniture pieces. Wrap them up even before you take them out of the house. This will help prevent scratches, tears, and exposure to dirt since moving kicks up considerable dirt in a house. You can use bubble wrap (for delicate furniture), plastic wrap, and even blankets for the wrapping.


Furniture pieces banging against each other or against the moving truck can cause expensive damage. Secure down the furniture to prevent such movements. There are straps you can use for this purpose, and they will also prevent the different pieces of furniture from sliding back and forth on the truck's floor.

Use Relevant Equipment

Moving furniture can be complicated, especially if you are dealing with delicate, bulky, or heavy pieces. The risk of injury and damage is high, but you can mitigate them if you have the right moving tools and equipment. Moving pads, straps, dollies, and a truck with a ramp are some of the supplies you need.

Get Help

Lastly, you need help to move your furniture. You need help to move heavy items, help to navigate furniture through tight exists, or even help to load the furniture. Without help, you can improvise unorthodox handling methods, for example, pulling heavy furniture on the floor and damaging not only the floor but also the furniture.

Most moving companies have professional furniture movers that can help you relocate your furniture, and other items in your household, without damage. Consult your favorite mover and discuss the exact services you want them to help you with.